What is Social Employability

2. Employability

The term ‘social employability’ was developed to reflect how social media will transform the employment landscape, and dramatically influence a person’s employability. It is thus important to leverage on the right tools as part of the aim to enhance our employability.

biipmi.com is a platform that connects employers to the most relevant human capital. It uses the latest in social media concepts, lifelong learning principles, and mobile marketing innovations to bring individuals to employment, and employment to individuals.

– Super-charge branding efforts through our system
– Connect with the most relevant human capital with our proprietary resume generator
– Push job postings to potential and relevant employees with relevant interests, skills and experiences
– Pull profiles and portfolios of potential employees to enhance and simplify recruitment processes
– Conduct online interviews and recruitment
– Utilize a series of analytic tools within the entire ecosystem to enhance recruitment
– Tap on the vast network of mobile users to increase your human capital productivity

Watch the youtube video.

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