What is Formal Learning

I believe all of us know what formal learning is.  If you have been to school, it means you had participated in formal education.  Of course, whether any learning happened would depend on you!  So basically, formal learning refers to learning in a formal setting, through structured programmes, with measureable outcomes.  Hence, K1 – K12 or Primary through University education results in formal learning.

Lifelong Learning

In many situations, formal learning is also known as pre-employment learning, as many people actually go through this phase before they step into the workforce.  For many people, they also earn their formal qualifications through formal learning.  So are you an engineer?  Or accountant? Or doctor?  There you have it; you have graduated from formal learning!

Of course, formal learning does not end with your graduation.  Even during your employment phase, many of you may still be involved in formal learning,  such as when you attend night classes, or some other training programmes where you have to listen attentively to the lecturer or trainer, and after that you are subjected to some form of assessments. And you wake up with a piece of paper telling you that you have graduated!

So how can formal learning impact your long term employability?

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