Talent Capital Enhancement System (TaCES)

A resume summarizes all your work experience, education, and related facts and activities since the word resume comes from the French for “summary”. More important, a resume’s job is to make it really easy for a reviewer to read and understand that information. So your job is to do all the work for the reviewer. That is critical! By doing this, your resume becomes a marketing document. Its job is to position you to get your “right fit” work. So is your resume working for you? Do you look at your resume as a form of investment towards your overall employability value or do you only use them when you need to find a job? How can you bring out the best in yourself and present yourself to the world?

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If you are good at what you do, do invest your resume with us at biipmi.com because the top employers are looking for super achievers like yourself every day.

So is your resume working for you?

Investing with biipmi.com is effortless. All you need to do is key in your achievements and experiences or even upload your resume. We will lead you through our Talent Capital Enhancement System (TaCES) and you will see substantial return on your investment!

Through TaCES, biipmi Pte Ltd provides a comprehensive offline consultancy and training programme to equip individuals with valuable mindset change, skills, knowledge and tools to enhance their Lifelong Employability.

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To find out more about TaCES and how our experience can help you achieve more, please contact us for a non-obligatory appointment.