Grooming Tips for Interview

Studies have shown that fresh graduates did not get the job because they were sometimes just not the right fit. Other times, they were trumped by a more impressive candidate or victim to some other random event mostly out of their control. Too many had the background to make the cut or at least garner a second interview, but disastrous interviewing skills and even lack of professional image brought them down.


If you happen to be a fresh graduate, you might be in a position of having minimum knowledge on how you should present yourself to the interviewer can be a headache. Attempting to stand out with your attitude and qualifications might not be sufficient anymore. Having trained various corporate groups from various industry, I realise recruiters or HR managers from various companies are seeking more in terms of grooming standards and how they  present themselves as a company representative. Follow these simple tips to make your interview a success!

Grooming! Most HR and Training Managers will emphasize on how their staff should look especially if you are required to wear a uniform. Even the cleaning and security crew in Singapore goes for grooming classes especially if it is a large organization. Since Singapore has such a humid and hot climate, hair will always be frizzy even if the hair is re-bonded. This further damages your own hair follicles. Our face tends to perspire more easily and most would look greasy by mid day so ladies in particular, make sure you powder that nose! Wearing a deodorant or light perfume is a must especially in Singapore’s climate; otherwise your interviewer will be put off by your body odour even if you think you do not smell.

Your dress sense must be sensible enough to come across as trustworthy, credible and reliable. Colours that have those effects are blue, grey and black. Wear not more than two tones and make sure to keep it less than 8 visual pieces on your body and that includes your accessories. Make sure to have your clothes pressed and in the right size. Should the position be for an executive, you can never go wrong by wearing a suit however, make sure you find out a little bit more of who will be interviewing you if possible, otherwise you may come across as power dressing.

Body language is one of the first few observations most HR Managers take note of. By standing tall and sitting in a straight posture would come across as a more positive and confident individual. Lean slightly forward to come across as keen in what the interviewer has to say. Keep your hands on your palms at all times with the exception of needing to write down information. Folding them will come across as not open minded and defensive. Placing them on the table will come across as too forward and it may intimidate the interviewer as well.

These three simple grooming tips are crucial in every interview runs and even when you have joined the company, you should always maintain this professional image to achieve your goals easily. The other aspect will be to continually evolve your skills to stay relevant and valuable!


Madaline Tan

Madaline Tan | Corporate Trainer, Carrie Academy International Pte Ltd

Madaline specialises in Image Solutions and conducts customized Corporate Grooming and Sales Training for a vast range of clientele ranging from the Hotel line, F&B, Legal, Retail to Medical. Her core contribution in Adult Continuous Education is in the field of Beauty & Fashion.

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