The Only e-Resume Builder You Ever Need [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did You Know?

Your resume probably has the first contact with a recruiter, and it has one sole purpose – To get you an interview! An effective CV or resume is a marketing document to present the jobseeker’s strengths in a way that he/she has an edge over other job applicants. The purpose is to help jobseeker improve his/her chance in getting the job interview. What makes a quality CV for job search? Click here to find out.

Your resume must be able to withstand these three inherent processes to receive an interview opportunity (Check out how to write a powerful CV or Résumé):

  1. 5-10 second glance – Formatting: Should I discard this resume?
  2. 1-3 minute scan – Competency: Can this person fill my need?
  3. 5-10 minute detailed read – Value-add: Is this person worth interviewing?

Your resume probably has the first contact with a recruiter, and it has one sole purpose – To get you an interview! (Click to tweet)

To make matters worst, the complexity of the real world has made it extremely inefficient to craft a resume (or even specific resume) using traditional word processing software. This gives rise to the increased in usage of electronic resume builder (or e-resume builder) in recent years.

So you have now a few problems – (1) which e-resume builder to use? I definitely do not want to start using a few and end up diverting my efforts, (2) I still end up with poorly crafted resume… correct? (3) End of the day, with this resume will I get my break on career opportunities?

We have the solution for you!

biipmi provides users with a Cloud Service to Gain, Retain, Retrain and Regain their Career through a structured and innovative way of documenting your lifelong learning outcomes and work experiences right from learning institutions through retirement. This is to facilitate formal, informal and non-formal learning, thereafter empowering users with the tools to brand themselves through multimedia innovations.

Online Employability Platform allows individuals to customise:

  • Profiles for employers to find you. Yes we have a network of employers looking for people just like YOU!
  • Career, freelance and learning plans for latest offerings. Take charge by creating comprehensive action plans!
  • Specific filters to pin-point job & course opportunities. Let help you find that dream job you have always dream of.
  • Specific resumes and portfolios for career progression and advancement. Build specific and targeted resumes and portfolios with ease.
  • Specific professional networks for social employability. We can’t do everything ourselves, so let’s find a way to work together.

Empower your e-resumes now with our biipmi e-resume builder! Here a simple infographic we created to help you build the only e-resume you need.

Everything to create the ONLY e-resume you ever need
Everything to create the ONLY e-resume you ever need

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