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Focus on connecting with people rather than collecting business cards

Your namecard or business card is one of your most important networking tools you will ever need. It might be easier to accept a physical, paper business card, but you still have to enter that person’s email address and phone number into your contact book. Instead, import or share business cards with two or three taps to eliminate post-event busy work.

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biipNet strives to potentially change the way individuals and organisers of seminars, exhibitions and workshops manage their networking efforts by instantly allowing a group of individuals to exchange their namecards with one another so that everyone has everyone’s namecard or business card!



Key Features in biipNet (Version 2):

We did a complete overhaul of biipNet to improve the User Experience (UX). Here are the details:

  • Flat UI design (we all love this, don’t we?)
  • Create all the cards with just one button – ADD
  • View all your contacts at one glance
  • Share the joy of using this app with ‘Social Sharing’
  • Template creation for your Personal Cards (now you can snap a picture and use it as the card background)
  • * Integration with biipmi.com, the only Employability Platform you ever need! (One account for everything!) Find out more at biipmi.net
  • Oh yes, we killed a few bugs along the way too!


1) Add

  • Create Personal Cards – Add that professional touch to your personal branding with a Personal Card customised to your needs. *We have added the ability to create your own template. Check it out!*
  • Create Corporate Cards – Digitise your existing corporate/ business cards with this feature, add your own details to categorise your services.
  • Add contacts from biipmi.com – We integrated our Online Employability Platform with biipNet. Now you can supercharge your networking efforts further by adding your friends from biipmi.com.
  • Add your own Contacts – Want to just add your own contacts into biipNet? We have it developed for you as well!


2) Share

  • Create or Join Card Holders – Imagine Card holders as a virtual space for everyone to put in their namecards as well as to retrieve namecards that they want to collect (instantly!). With this app, all you need to do is create a card and share that card via a Card Holder (Create or Join). Invite everyone to join your Card Holder by telling them to key in the 4 Letter Code and everyone is ready for card exchange.


3) Network

  • The key to networking is giving. Give information, give advice, give your services, and give your personality, and you will be well on your way to forging genuine, lasting business relationships.
  • Use the app after your networking session by filtering, sorting the namecard depository, thereafter strategising your networking efforts.
  • Remember. Networking is all about engagement and interaction.


  • Other Features – Social Integration, Template Creation, and more!



Download biipNet Quick Guide here

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