Our Beliefs

Inspiring people to care about their lifelong employability.

How it all started | The Team

Employability: the art of being employable

Employability is not the same as employment. The two e-words might sound the same, but that’s as far as it goes. Being ‘employable’ requires a complete and holistic approach in three spaces:

  • Personal Attributes – involves a person’s ‘employability skills and attributes
  • Personal Circumstances – includes a range of socioeconomic contextual factors related to individuals’social and household circumstances
  • Demand Factors – include those factors influencing a person’s employability, such as labour demand conditions and enabling support of employment related public services.

Just because you have a job doesn’t mean that you’re employable. That’s not all, employability is relative and not absolute. Put it another way: being employable isn’t simply about you. It’s about who you’re up against.

Enhancement of your employability will not go away if you do get a job; it is relevant throughout your working life because you might change your job and/or career several times. The days of working for a single employer doing the same job the same way are over. We all need to enhance on our Personal Attributes, improve our Personal Circumstances and monitor some Demand Factors.

Our Focus

We believe that everyone has the same or equal opportunity to enhance their employability and we hope to inspire people to care about their lifelong employability.

To do this, we focused on providing the best user experience. We take great care and pride to ensure that the features and tools we build aligns with our idea of Employabiliy. We strive to keep everything clear and simple while offering relevant content. We make sure that we are constantly ahead by anticipating needs not yet articulated by our stakeholders, and offer innovative solutions that set the highest possible standards.

Ultimately, our constant dissatisfaction and reflection on Employability will be the driving force behind everything we do.