How it all started?

Inspiring people to care about their lifelong employability.

Our Beliefs | The Team

biipmi’s birth revolves around the idea of empowerment of individuals to take charge of their careers and personal development through a holistic employability approach. Right from its inception in 2011, biipmi’s mission has been to evangelise and promote holistic employability. biipmi passionately believes that holistic employability requires a strong employability eco-system of:

  • Individuals who are upgrading their skills appropriately and in tune with changing needs of the job marketplace
  • Educators and training providers that create, modify and offer formal and informal training and learning programmes to address the skills gap between the talent and job marketplaces, and
  • Employers that are enlightened in embracing progressive HR policies and see the benefit to themselves in having a workforce that is appropriately skilled and trained.

For the past few years, biipmi has been intensively researching and building solutions around this holistic employability concept. It anticipated this need and through a blend of fore-thought, innovation, expertise and technology, it has designed and implemented scalable employability solutions that are locally developed targeted at enhancing an individual’s employability from a multi-perspective approach.

For those who care about, and willing to invest in, their employability, biipmi has the products and services for you.

“Take the first step to this lifelong journey of a thousand challenges”

Learn about how such applications of employability concepts serves as complimentary social support systems in a country.